Lincoln Lease Return Center

When the lease on your Lincoln is almost up and you're not sure what to do next, turn to the Lincoln lease return center at Lincoln of Paramus. We'll educate you about your various lease-end options and show you the new Lincoln models you can upgrade to if you'd like. We're here to help you through the entire lease-return process, even if you didn't lease from us in the first place. Swap your keys with Lincoln of Paramus and we'll help you find the new Lincoln of your dreams. Visit us today to learn more!


What Are the Lease-End Options for Lincoln?

At lease maturity, you have four options that Lincoln of Paramus will be happy to walk you through. Your Lincoln end-of-lease options include:

    Lease a New Lincoln: If you loved your last Lincoln and are eager to see what the latest model year has to offer, you can easily get into a new Lincoln lease. We have plenty of new Lincolnlease options on our lot and will gladly take you through our inventory.

    Buy a New Lincoln: If you loved your Lincoln lease but you wish to have more flexibility, customization and zero mileage limits on your next vehicle, you can purchase a new Lincoln from Lincoln of Paramus. Return your Lincoln lease to us, then browse our new Lincoln inventory for sale to find a vehicle that will allow you to cruise confidently for years and miles to come -- all without being beholden to any contractual obligations or limitations.

    Purchase Your Current Lincoln Lease: If you wish to simply purchase your current Lincoln lease, you can sit down with our Lincoln finance department to discuss how we can transform your current lease payments into a monthly financing plan.

    Lease Turn-In: Once your lease is up, you also have the option of simply returning your leased Lincoln. If you do this, you'll owe any End-of-Lease Charges. When you turn your leased Lincoln in, you'll also need to ensure you bring the Owner's Manual and maintenance records.


What Do I Have to Do to Return My Leased Lincoln?

If you're retrning your leased Lincoln at Lincoln of Paramus, you'll need to pay all end-of-lease charges. You'll also be responsible for a lease-end bill that covers your excess wear and use mileage charges. When you bring your vehicle to us, you'll need to remove all your personal items and make sure your Owner's Manual is in the glove compartment. You will also have to have your vehicle inspected before returning it to evaluate any excess wear and tear and to eliminate surprises once you reach your lease end. Lincoln of Paramus will handle it all for you, whether you want to lease a new Lincoln, buy a new Lincoln or purchase your current Lincoln lease.

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